University of Chicago

I graduated from Piedmont High in 2011 and am currently a third-year (as we call it) at the University of Chicago. I also currently work in our college admissions office as a tour guide and student visit coordinator.University of Chicago
I absolutely love it here at UChicago and am very excited whenever I see a familiar face from Piedmont visiting campus (it has happened more often than you think!). I am writing to you because I would like to extend myself as a resource for Piedmont students who are interested in applying to, or if they have been accepted, enrolling in UChicago. Continue reading

Claremont McKenna College

I used to get asked, seemingly on a daily basis, “How did you decide to go to Claremont McKenna College (CMC)?”   While the outstanding academics certainly played a part in my decision, it was really the intangible aspect of a vibrant, openClaremont McKenna social and learning atmosphere that convinced me that CMC should be my home for the next four years. In retrospect, I can’t imagine going to school anywhere else.

I guess the first and foremost thing to discuss about CMC is academics. CMC is a fairly small school (~1400 total students) and as a result, we benefit from extremely small class sizes – I had only a handful of classes over 19 students and many of my upper division classes had only 8-10 students. Consequently, I became extremely close with many of my professors; Continue reading

UC Los Angeles

I cannot express how excited and happy I am to be at UCLA. Looking back on my college decisions, I think that this school was truly the best fit for me, greatly exceeding my initial expectations.UCLA

UCLA is a school that strives for excellence in almost every field: athletics, music, academics, sociability, school spirit, etc. I constantly feel blessed to have the opportunity to be surrounded by people who care about what they do and strive to do their best to achieve their goals. The studious students work hard and go beyond the usual expectations, including some who take 4-5 classes (over 20 units) each quarter. The athletes are expected to live up to the 108 NCAA championships UCLA has won in its history. Even the partiers will party their hardest every night. Continue reading

Arizona State University

The best decision of my life was to go to Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. The obvious contrast between Arizona and Piedmont is exhilarating and refreshing. Arizona is like no place I have ever ASU palm walkexperienced while being enough  of a “real city” to keep students from being “trapped on campus” as they are in many college towns. The opportunities and wide range of people I have met here have made my experience incredibly memorable. As I graduate with my undergrad Political Science degree in a few months, I will miss the wonderful experiences here so much that I will be applying to law school here. Continue reading

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University has exceeded all of my expectations. Its a medium sized school with about 5000 undergrads; small enough that I can recognize people when walking around campus but large enough that I am always meeting new, interesting people. Its Johns Hopkinsright in the city of Baltimore, with good free public transportation downtown, and the campus is very pretty. There can be a lot of work at times, but I enjoy it overall.

Like all colleges, Johns Hopkins has a range of students: from those who spend most of the day (and night) in the library to those who party all of the time. However, it is easy to find other people and student groups that have and want the same thing as you. There are so many different student groups, ranging from sports, to volunteering, to religious. Continue reading

Vassar College

I have found Vassar to be a wonderful and exciting place in my first year here. Each aspect of what defines a college experience has been thoroughly satisfying. Vassar is an intellectually and socially stimulating space. The people here are what make the collegevassar so unique and amazing. Students from all over the world, with all different backgrounds and cultures are prevalent, bringing their own unique perspectives to class discussions and also conversations in a social setting. This diversity results in a dehomogenization of the student body, bringing about an encouragement in individuality. One does not fit in at Vassar; there is no one mainstream group to fit in to. This creates an extremely open and accepting environment. Continue reading

Barnard College & Columbia School of Engineering


Barnard College

First of all, I want to just say that I am writing from a pretty unique perspective of a student who completed school at Barnard College (Columbia’s sister school across the street with cross-registration and pretty full integration) and then moved on to study at Columbia’s Engineering School. Columbia College is the undergraduate school that is most applied to, and while I am on the same campus, I assume that the experience is a bit different. Continue reading